Creative Change Conferences
"What we love to do and why!"
Creative Change Conferences is a subsidiary of Palm Springs TheatreSports, Inc  We are a non-profit 501 C3 corporation dedicated to bringing quality Education,
Workshops and Conferences to the Coachella Valley and beyond.  Presenting workshops to teens and their parents about child abuse, what to look for and how to
help a teen begin the healing process if they have been abused.  Speaking about the abuse is the first step to healing and we help provide safe environments for
sharing their stories.  To  provide scholarships for children raised in foster care.

Our first conference in March 2009 "Adults Healing From Child Abuse, It Happens to Boys": was a great success.  Through that conference we reached out to the
community to help educate parents, teachers, young victims, adult survivors and partners of survivors.  Many men have come forward as a result of the conference
to talk about their abuse and get the help they need.

The Second Annual Conference was March 5th and 6th  2010 with our headline Speaker,
Dave Pelzer who wrote the best selling book "A Child Called It" , Dr. Robert Ackerman
"Silent Sons", Jerry Moe, director of the children's program at Betty Ford Center, Dr. Cindy Carter, Deborah Meints, MFT, Carol Teitelbaum, MFT, Bill Protzman and
eight courageous healing men who shared their stories. We also had a break out session for partners of those who were abused to give them some healing tools,
led by Cathy Boyd and Teri Cortland, Psy.D

May 8, 2010  Welcome to Midlife with  Dr. Johnathon Young, Using Mythology and Storytelling, Dr. Rita Stec, Dr. Jeralyn Brossfield,  Dr. Cindy Carter, Deborah
Meints, MFT, Carol Teitelbaum, MFT and Rena Rodman. MFT., "Welcome to Midlife" This was a fun and informative conference.  Midlife offers many challenges and
we need to be prepared to meet them.

September 18, 2010 featured  Maureen Murdock author of "The Heroine's Journey"  lead an inspiring memoir writing workshop.

November 20, 2010 Cancer: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit with Deborah Meints. MFT, Litsa . Mitchell, MFT. Dr. Michael Solomon. Dr. Tom Reynolds and JoAnne    
Lehmer, RN

January 29, 2011 A New and Powerful approach to Health Eating and a Healthy Weight with Kelly Lewallen, MFT and Berth Mulligan, PA-C.  This workshop was so
well received it will be repeated.

January 30th saw the return of legendary Poet, David Whyte.

March 4 and 5, 2011 Third Annual It Happens to Boys Conference.
With Keynote speakers: Dave Pelzer, John Bradshaw, Dr. Jonathan Young and Jerry Moe, plus A day filled with education and healing for our participants.

October 8, 2011 Featured World Renowned Author, Screenwriter, play write Julia Cameron for a inspiring day of Creative Myths and Monsters  featuring Mary
Gordon, M.A. Opening the day with dance and drums, Artist Kimberly Nichols, Dr. Cindy Carter and the Playback group from Ventura, Calif. And Life Coaches and
Authors Leslie Gebhart and Carolyn Ingram.

March 2, 3rd 2012 offers up our 4th Annual It Happens to Boys conferences offered such notables as John Bradshaw and Dave Pelzer, Judy Crane, John
Lieberman, Jerry More, Dr. Cindy Carter, Dr. Sally Diane, Scott Johnson, Dr. Shari ReVelle, plus courageous healers to tell their stories.

April 28, 2012 bring Tapping the Inner Palate with artist and writer, Kimberly Nichols and Psychotherapist, Carol Teitelbaum, MFT

October 13th 2012  brought WOMEN  with Rebecca Cooper, Velvet Mangan, Dr. Rita Stec, Mary Gordon and Deborha Meints Pierson,  Including  Lunch Speaker
Kate Porter.
A wealth of information for women about weight issues,  Menopause, Alcohol and Drug abuse, moving your body for health, and the Dangerous older Woman.

March 1 and 2. 2013 Brings the Fifth Annual It Happens to Boys Conference with Dave Pelzer, John Bradshaw, John Lee, Michael Meade, Jerry Moe, Judy Crane, Dr.
Bobbi Carlson, Dr. Cindy Carter, Jasmin Rogg, Patrick Haggerson, Randy and Cathy Boyd, and Courageous Healing Men telling their stories.

February 28, and March 1. 2014 we bring our Sixth Annual It Happens to Boys Conference to Pasadena Hilton.  Keynote speakers Patrick Carnes, John Lee, Dr.
Harry from the Betty Ford Center, Judy Crane from The Refuge, Jerry Moe, Betty Ford Center, Jonathan Young, Dr. Cindy Carter, Dr. Allen Berger and more.

January 24, 2015 "The Beautiful Face of Recovery" a conference for women.  Keynote Speakers: Candy Finnigan from A & E show, Intervention along with Jeanie
Griffin, FRESHOUTAPLANS. Mary Gordon,, Betty Ford Center, International Drummer and workshop leader Christine Stevens, Alyssa Farrell, Kimberly Nichols,
Josie Herndon, Yvete Patterson, Susan Moffitt, Melissa Thornburg and Rena Rodman.

March 6, & 7th brought the 7th annual It Happens to Boys Conference at the Annenberg Center for Health Science.  Speakers included: Robert Ackerman, Jerry
Moe, Dr. Cindy Carter, Rev. Leo Booth, Howard Fradkin, Male Survivor organization, Dr. Allen Berger,
Herb Kaighen, Carol Teitelbaum, Daniel Marquez, Randy Boys, David Price, Scott Smith

The 8th Annual It Happens to Boys in Long Beach, John Lee, Dr. Cindy Carter, Patrick Haggerson, Jerry Moe, Rev Leo Booth and the It Happens to Boys Group.
and thirty-five exhibitors.  A magical day.

The 9th Annual It Happens to Boys Conference will be in Austin, Texas March 24, 2017
Austin at The Domain, John Lee, Jerry Moe, Leo Booth, Dr. Harry Harountiann, Dr. Cindy Carter, Carol Teitelbaum, Randy Boyd, Scott Smith, Daniel Marquez,
Robert Teitelbaum

Stay tuned for 10th Anniversary ......................

Conference Organizer is: Carol Teitelbaum, MFT a licensed Therapist since 1985.  Carol is also Co-Chair of Prevent Child Abuse, Riverside County, It Happens to
Boys Project, President of CAMFT, Desert Chapter As well as Trauma Response Coordinator for California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Desert
Chapter.  Carol has been a Conference Speaker for many years and now has combined her talents for bringing people together to organize great conferences in
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