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"What we love to do and why!"
Burning Tree
Tenth Anniversary Celebration Event
Grapevine Convention Center ● Dallas, Texas
Friday, December 7, 2018 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
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Trauma Informed
Therapy - what
you need to know
to build a healthy

To those who have supported us for the last nine years - we invite
you to come and join in our
Tenth Anniversary Conference and
celebration where we will continue to make a difference together.

Recovery centers are opening their doors and their minds to
change the way they are treating abuse  survivors. Trauma is
finally becoming a part of many treatment centers protocol.

Sign up today to get involved and celebrate with us.  
This conference features a line-up of leading clinicians, educators,
authors, and advocates. It sensitively explores childhood sexual
abuse and offers a clear path to help, healing, and hope. A
highlight is the Courageous Healers panel, a group of recovering
men sharing their experience, strength, and hope. This conference
is a home run.

Jerry Moe,
Director of the Children’s Program at The Betty Ford Center
"We shape our
self to fit this
world and by the
world we are
shaped again
David Whyte
"It was a wonderful experience; both informative  and deeply
moving.  In the face of the horrors of sexual abuse this conference
offered both therapy and hope. I look forward to presenting at
future conferences"

Reverend Leo Booth
  It's inspiring to participate in a conference where acknowledging  
the impact of trauma on men's lives and pursuing a complex
understanding of men's behaviors are accepted as the foundations
of the work rather than being considered re voluntary ideas!"

Peter Pollard, MPA
1 in 6
"The Seventh Annual It Happens to Boys Conference was truly
exceptional. I applaud Carol and her staff for sponsoring such an
important conference on a very sensitive topic with such
compassion and professionalism. The choice of speakers as well
as the topics filled the two days with great clinical techniques for
helping victims. As a presenter I was honored to be invited and I
soon realized that the attendees quickly became consumers of all
that was offered. Their appreciation for the quality and
genuineness of the conference was obvious to everyone. It was a
great two days".

Robert J. Ackerman

We present 90-120-minute, "It Happens to Boys" workshops at your
facility, school, or conference
covering all aspects of abuse,
trauma, addiction, and recovery. References available.  

Please contact Carol Teitelbaum, LMFT
Telephone 760-346-4606
Scott Smith
Daniel Marquez
Robert J. Teitelbaum